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pardon me whilst I burst into flames

...it won't take long...

and then a robin flew
2 November 1990
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H E L L O.
My name is Robin Dudley Langdon. I am 16 years old! I plan on attending college and studying performing arts/art, since it capivates me a whole! I speak English and French and a few words in German, hence my mother is German. I live in the UK, but I am from and grew up mostly in New York. I am an orphan. My mother passed away when I was 5 of cancer and my dad died this past summer. After college who knows what in store for me.
I like friends, hugs, girls, sex, cookies, music, rap, GIRLS, books, teens, tigers, G I R L S!, computers, web design, dancing, acting, GIRLS, and some other junk. I like ice cream. Lots and Lots of ice cream! -you will find in my entries I am very more relaxed and write in slang(not to heavy promise)- Pistacio. I like home-made cooking, not Grandma's cooking, especially if the Grandma don't know what she is doing, I love driving, dates, partying -going to clubs or pubs-, SEX, and just random fan-fiction. You will know that my friends mean everything to me. I especially like to keep a close relationship with them all. And dislike and hurt anyone who takes me for a fool. Stay on my good side. All would be good.